Dancing for Children

From Ballroom & Latin American  to Street, Freestyle, Rock and Roll, Ballet and Tap, if your child is three years old and over there is a class at YDC Dance Studios for them.  All classes are taught in a fun, friendly atmosphere by UKA Qualified Teachers and your little ones can dance for fun, take examinations and even compete if they want to. 

a description of each dance style available at ydc

Ballroom and Latin American


We have several classes each week for these popular dance styles, The Ballroom dances are waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz and the Latin dances are Cha Cha Cha, Samba Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive. 



Ballet is a great foundation and base for all budding dancers. At YDC Dance Studios we teach the basic elements of ballet, using a Barre, full length mirrors, markers and props.  Work on perfecting your Demi Plies, Sautes and Jetes, whilst learning the elegance of Port de Bras.

Mini Movers


 A class for 3-6 years old, that covers all the above dance styles in a simple way for the younger dancer.  All our Mini Movers classes are only 25 minutes. We feel that's the most time we can keep the little ones attention for.  Here they will learn to develop their motor skills, gain confidence, make new friends and develop at a pace suited to them. When they reach their 7th birthday, we will advise what class and dance style they can move up into.

Freestyle and Rock 'n' Roll


A dance style that is full of energy and fun.  You will learn routines to some chart music and remixes of faster tracks for freestyle. Learn to do the splits, High Kicks, Tuck Jumps and Stag leaps whilst hitting lines like High V, Parallel and plies.  Rock 'n' Roll is paired with this class where you will learn to do some of the basic classic Rock 'n' Roll figures with a partner and solo.  Both styles are taught in our main Ballroom and is a great way for kids to get fit.



‚ÄčThis is a popular class which incorporates old school street dance together with modern "Popping" & " Locking". From funky RnB classics to popular chart music, you will learn a dance style similar to what is seen on music videos.  This is a great class for your child to put their own personality into dance.



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