Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your personal data is in safe hands with YDC Dance Studio's. The privacy and security of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. This privacy policy explains how and why we use your personal data across many areas within our business.

We will never sell your personal data. We will only share it with organisations that we work with who meet our high privacy standards.

Index of contents
Online Membership & Mailing List
Classes & Courses Booking Files
Examination Entry (UKA)
Summer School Application
Teachers retaining phone numbers
Class registers
Social Dance Email Group
Video & Photography

Online Membership & Mailing List
Customers of YDC Dance Studio's are invited to complete a free membership form via our website. This asks for personal data such as name, address, telephone number etc.

How is this information stored?
The information received is stored within the YDC Dance Studio's  website. It is password protected and only the senior management team of YDC Dance Studio's are permitted to access this information.

The website is hosted on a secure server by GoDaddy. Please click link below for privacy policy

GoDaddy Privacy Policy

How is this information used?
From time to time we may need to contact a customer listed within our database to communicate with them about their dance tuition. It is our policy that the required information must be only retrieved from the database by a member of the senior management team. They have authorisation to either use this information themselves or to pass the details onto an employee of YDC Dance Studio's. If they do pass information on to an employee, the information must be utilised on the premises and then destroyed afterwards. The details will not be retained by the employee.

The email addresses provided are regularly used to send out promotional information and offers to customers on our database using the Mailchimp email distribution service. Only customers that have selected to ‘OPT IN’ will receive marketing emails from us. Please see below link to the Mailchimp privacy policy


All information provided will never be passed on to any other third parties.

Classes & Courses Booking Files
A large percentage of our classes and courses are booked and paid for at our reception desks. For bookings of this nature we will request first name, surname and a quick reference telephone number for the person taking part in the class. The quick reference telephone number would only be used in emergency or if a member of staff wished to contact you to discuss details about the class concerned. It will never be used for marketing purposes.

This information is stored in document files behind our reception counter. When the reception desk isn’t manned, these files will be stored in a locked cupboard.

On completion of the class/course, the booking sheet is retained for a short period whilst we deal with any payment queries relating to the class concerned. During this time, the information will continue to be stored in a locked cupboard. Once all queries have been dealt with, the document will be destroyed using a paper shredder.

Examination Entry (UKA)
Dancers from YDC Dance Studio's are regularly invited to take part in medal tests and graded examinations with United Kingdom Alliance.

The teaching staff of YDC Dance Studio's will collectively decide which pupils are ready to be entered for an examination. This information will be collated into a database which will be stored on a password protected computer system.

From this information we will produce personalised letters to be handed to each dancer/parent. This letter will include the full name of the dancer, dance grades and prices, details about the examination session and a consent section which will require a signature.

The following procedure will be adopted for all examination entries received:

  • The signed examination/consent form will be filed and stored in a locked cupboard until after the examination session has taken place and after this time will be shredded.
  • A timetable will be displayed on our website and/or our studio notice board and this will include name of dancer and grade information. Signed consent for this will be requested from dancers/parents. The information will be deleted/destroyed after the examination session.
  • Entry information i.e. name of dancer and grade information will be passed onto the examination board. Signed consent for this will be requested from dancers/parents. Please see below links to the privacy policies for UKA Dance.
  • Entry information i.e. name of dancer and grade information will be announced at our awards presentation following the examination session. Signed consent for this will be requested from dancers/parents.
  • YDC Dance Studio's will retain all examination details on their computer database indefinitely unless advised otherwise by dancers/parents.
  • Examination documents such as report forms and certificates ready for distribution following the examination session will be kept in a file behind our reception desks and then moved to a locked cupboard when reception isn’t manned.

UKA Dance Privacy Policy

Summer School Application Forms
To book children onto our Summer School, it is a requirement for the parent to complete an application form so that we can collect necessary information prior to the holiday club week. Forms will be kept filed in a locked cupboard and will only be accessed by the senior management team and/or holiday club staff. A section of the form will ask if parents give permission for us to retain the form after the holiday club has taken place and permit us to keep them updated by email about future holiday club events. The information will not be passed on to any third parties.

Teachers retaining phone numbers
Customers may choose to give their telephone number to their individual teachers as a convenient method of contact and communication. Teachers will always treat this information as confidential and will never pass onto a third party without prior permission.

Class Registers
Teachers of each class will take a register of names for the purpose of recording attendance and class preparation work. They will keep these filed and with them at all times when at the studio. Once leaving the studio they will be stored securely. After use they will be destroyed.

Social Dance Email Groups
Members of our Social Dance classes will be offered the option of joining our email group to be kept updated on latest information relating specifically to these classes. This information will be securely stored in the same way as our general membership system. Information will not be shared with third parties.

Video & Photography
Family and friends are not permitted to take photos or videos of dance classes. Filming during private lessons is only permitted with prior permission from the teacher.
Teachers may from time to time take photos and videos in class for use on social media however they will ask for signed consent from a parent/guardian beforehand.
For our UKA examination sessions, should a dancer not attend due to illness or injury, they will be videod by the teacher at a later date. Signed consent will be requested for this on the examination entry letter.

We have CCTV at YDC. The system is secure and password protected.